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Here is the list for some of well-known hospitals, which have English speaking doctors in Xian in an alphabetical order for your reference:


Chang'an Hospital
Address: No. 17, Wen Jing Lu, Xian Economy & Technology Development Zone
Tel: 029 - 86578000

Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Address: No. 2, Xi Hua Men, North Avenue
Tel: 029 - 87213310

Xi Jing Hospital
Address: No. 15, Chang Le Xi Lu, Xin Cheng District
Tel: 029 - 83375011



Megafit Fitness Center
Address: 4 Floor, Waimao International, South Avenue
Tel: 029 - 87276688

Orient Fitness Club
Address: 4 Floor, Olympics Building, No. 14, Chang'an North Road
Tel: 029 - 85590325


Sports Centers

Cui Hua Shan Skiing Ground
Address: Cui Hua Shan National Forest Park
Tel: 029 - 87805625

Bing Dian Skating Club
Address: 6 Floor, Xing Zheng Yuan Square, Luo Ma Shi
Tel: 029 - 87656766

Shaanxi Swimming Center
Address: Zhang Ba Dong Lu, opposite to Shaanxi child and women care center
Tel: 029 - 88580076

Xi'an New Century Int'l Golf Club
Address: No. 20, Gao Xin Er Lu, Gao Xin District
Tel: 029 - 88339009

Zhu Que Tennis Center
Address: No. 1, Chang'an North Road
Tel: 029 - 85235425